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We are finally ready to spread the voice about the Second edition. FSN has been created to unite and connect different film schools realities, our aim has always been the networking between professionals in order to create discussions and give the opportunity to discover new points of view, cultures and ways of filmmaking.

Covid-19 has completely changed the world we know and things are about to change in this close future we are approaching. The 2020 FSN edition, due to the risks and the closed borders between the states, can not be held in Lucca. We decided to create an Online event, a three days event dedicated to the Future of Cinema after the Covid. The main theme for all panels and discussion will be “Beyond boundaries – building a shared space”.

The days of this new meeting will be 4-5-6 December 2020. This new way allows us to create more connections: every school will have the opportunity to present their organization and the way they developed the Covid issue, Panels will be organized with 6 people speaking for 30 minutes and a public that can use 15 minutes to create a Q&A moment. Between the participating members it is possible to organize one to one Speed meetings (about 7 minutes each) to create even stronger connections.

We hope everyone will understand the reason we need to postpone our annual meeting in Lucca to 2021, but we really hope that this Online event can bring new opportunities.

Please let us know if you have ideas or suggestions to share with us and if you want to participate.

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