The FSN Congress section is a series of panels and networking opportunities featuring film school professionals from all over the world who meet to share their knowledge and experience, to compare methods, topics and discipline and to discuss their underling philosophies and the challenges they are facing.


The PANELS focus on a series of topics that have been submitted by member film schools and then selected by the FSN organizing committee. The panellists debate on the issues in 45-minute window. Each panel is followed by an open Q&A session that lasts 10 minutes.


The FSN project is the perfect networking opportunity for film educators from all over the world to get together, connect and discuss various topics, either between the various FSN activities or during organized cocktail parties, lunches, dinners, ect.

Film Screenings

Screenings of short movies filmed by the students of member schools

Every participating school has the opportunity of screening a short film that lasts a maximum of 20 minutes. This format allows each participant to discuss the creative and filming process, thus offering all members the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and expand their horizons on theoretical and/or technical issues concerning film production.

Exchange Programmes

The program is centred around the joint creation and production of two short films by two of the member film schools. Each year, the school pairings change to foster new, innovative and formative exchanges.
In the course of the exchange program, each school suggests its own speciality and will create a group, including the crew and supervising professors, to shoot one or more short films in the hosting school.

Exchange Program's Terms and conditions:

  • The creative process of the exchange program includes scriptwriting, analysis, preproduction, executive production, shooting and editing, with the timeframe depending entirely on each school’s availability and internal organisation.
  • Every school agreement has to be defined individually.
  • Each student bears his/her own travel costs and depending on the individual school’s agreement, food and accommodation costs.
  • One or two professors are selected to go and teach in the selected sister school.
  • Duration is to be decided and a teacher exchange can last from 7 to 10 days.
  • Teacher exchange can take place during the students’ exchange or in another period of the academic year.
  • The teacher’s school bears only travel costs, The host school bears food and accommodation costs.

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