What is Film School Network?

• The Film School Network (FSN) is a networking project which aims to promote the exchange of ideas and practices surrounding Film Education between film schools all around the world. The main purpose of the project is that of creating a wider, transnational knowledge around filmmaking, in order to better train the future members of the industry.

• Film School Network was born from the experience of 9 Muse Films and ACT, two projects of 9Muse Srl Social Enterprise.

Why Film School Network?

  • We have found out that every country, every institution, given a common frame and field of activity, develops its own way of approaching and teaching filmmaking. We believe that these unique approaches have a great value, in that they provide a fundamental point of view worth understanding and sharing.
  • With the creation and enlargement of a network between schools, we aim to constantly exchange best practices on film teaching and student filmmaking, wishing to empower each school with the knowledge of cinema teaching practices from around the world.
  • We also aim to provide opportunities to share and develop staff expertise across every partner.
  • We wish to encourage the development of different and innovative ways of working and film teaching and making with partners. In this sense, the meeting would also represent the development of our teacher and student exchange programs (STEP) between schools.

What do we do?

• The Annual Film School Network event is packed with different discussions, panels, and there is also a section dedicated to showcasing student films produced by the schools. It is a great occasion to share and discuss the productions paths related to the projects.

• However, Film School Network is growing and other sections will soon be added to the FSN event, which will be targeted towards students and even general public.

Why Lucca?

• Lucca has transformed itself into a hub for cinematography – in part also thanks to Tuscany Film Academy – and it is chosen quite frequently as a shooting location for international movies.

• An ancient city and the birthplace of the great Italian opera composer Puccini, Lucca lives and breathes culture and is the ideal place for an event such as Film School Network.

film School Network

Our Team

film School Network

Emiliano Galigani

Chief Director

film School Network

Diletta Nardi

International Relations Officer

film School Network

Federica Moretti

Production Manager

film School Network

Pourya Azizi

Marketing & Communication

Luca Ferrara

Luca Ferrara

Assistant Project Manager

film School Network

Domenico Zazzara

Artistic Director

film School Network

Michela Andreotti

Visual Designer

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