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The Project

The Film School Network (FSN) is a networking project aimed at promoting the exchange of Film Teaching ideas and best practices between film schools around the world.

FSN goal is to offer participating film schools the opportunity to further their knowledge by discovering new and different approaches to filmmaking, teaching, organizing and managing. There are no membership fees.
FSN’s mission is to identify and share all best practices relevant to the film school universe.
Given a common frame and field of activity, every Country and each institution develop their own way of approaching and teaching filmmaking. We believe these different methodologies are of infinite value, as they offer unique points of view that are worth understanding and sharing.
FSN is a treasure trove of knowledge, ideas and techniques that is open to all participating schools to help them grow in a global world and market.
The maximum number of member schools is 30, a number that enables each film school to be active part of the process and to share ideas, doubts and perspectives about the future of cinema.

How we achieve our goals

Being a member of the FSN means having the desire and drive to foster widespread knowledge about filmmaking, transcending national borders and with the goal of training future industry professionals more effectively and competently. From a practical point of view, this translates into teacher and student exchanges between FSN affiliated film schools.
In addition to these exchanges, every year FSN organizes a meeting for member schools. The Congress is the perfect stage for professionals to meet and discuss common issues and ideas.
Every year the FSN board selects a new theme, which becomes the central focus of the 3-day meeting.
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